Three’s Company

After many days of sparse sightings, i finally got a break…

Sept 10

This is the first time in 3 years of tracking these Red-tails that I’ve seen Papa, Mama and a kid up on the Church’s cross.  This is a rather rare and unique sighting.

Of course, Eden had to prove to Mama and Papa that she could hunt.

sept10 (1 of 14)

Mama – “there goes my baby… off to hunt” (reminds me of Moshu saying this as Mulan  went off… except it wasn’t to hunt 🙂

sept10 (2 of 14)

Minutes later, Eden came back… empty.  Sorry Mom.  I missed!

sept10 (3 of 14) sept10 (4 of 14)

Don’t get upset Mom.  Here, let me preen your feathers…

sept10 (5 of 14) sept10 (7 of 14)

Papa – Get back out there and hunt!

sept10 (8 of 14)

Yes, dad!

sept10 (9 of 14)

Sorry. Still nothing!

sept10 (10 of 14)

That’s all right kiddo…

sept10 (11 of 14)

Eden is as big as her mom and so I think she’s a she.

sept10 (12 of 14)

See y’all later.  Remember, don’t wail.  No, I won’t be delivering any food.

sept10 (13 of 14)

sept10 (14 of 14)

The last time I saw both kids was on 8/19/2013.  I’ve only seen one since.

The trend so far has continued.  One juvenile seem to stay behind.  Will Eden stay until the next breeding season?

Stay tuned.




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