The Kids are All Right

Sept 24

Fall … the best time of the year.

I did my normal checks for our Red-tail friends at the Capitol but didn’t see anyone.  Even the Blue jays were quiet. As I passed the bus terminal, I saw one hawk on the staircase of a parking deck.  Before I could take any pictures, she took off!  All a wingless bi-ped could do was chase em down.

I couldn’t find her in the trees on Moore Square, but a block down was an unmistakable silhouette of a hawk.  I took a few back-lighted shots and was surprised when another hawk joined in!

sept24 (1 of 16) sept24 (2 of 16)

I couldn’t tell if it was Mama or Papa or the kids, but I was guessing it was Eden and maybe Papa.  I turned the corner  to get a better shot, but by the time I got there, one had already left.

sept24 (3 of 16)

This was definitely Eden.  She took off not soon after I took this shot.

sept24 (4 of 16)

She didn’t go far, so I took the chance and went after her.  Eden was on a utility pole and as I took shots and looked further east…

sept24 (5 of 16)

Well.. well… here’s the other hawk and it’s NOT Mama or Papa!  It’s Sally!

sept24 (6 of 16) sept24 (7 of 16)

I admit I don’t know who’s who. but both kids are still in town!  In any case, Eden took off and went for the dish…

sept24 (8 of 16) sept24 (9 of 16)

Then quickly joined her sibling.

sept24 (11 of 16)

Howdy, sister!

sept24 (12 of 16) sept24 (13 of 16)

Eden didn’t stay long on the rooftop and took off.  She flew several blocks SE and it was too far for me to follow.  Besides, Sally was right here.

sept24 (14 of 16) sept24 (15 of 16) sept24 (16 of 16)

Sally didn’t stay long either and flew off.

Both kids are all right.  Hmmm… I wonder how He-Larry is doing out there… somewhere…




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