It’s Been a Long Time…

now i’m, coming back home…

I haven’t posted for a while and it’s not due to the government shutdown 🙂 Weather here in Raleigh has really been dismal for the past 2 weeks.  The sun has been going AWOL. But today, we got a little bit of a break.

With the sun just peeking over the horizon but still with plenty of clouds, I saw a familiar image in the skies….

Flap, flap, flap… glide… flap, flap, flap… glide – the signature flight pattern of a hawk.

.Oct18 (1 of 12)

Who was it?  None other than Raleigh’s Red-tail Hawks.  Yes, hawks as there were two of them.

Oct18 (2 of 12) Oct18 (3 of 12)

They circled briefly over the Capitol area skies and when the Red-tails are in town, the other birds scatter.

Oct18 (4 of 12) Oct18 (5 of 12)

At first I thought it was Mama and Papa, but a more careful look at one of them revealed… a juvenile!  If I were to take a guess, this would be Eden.

Oct18 (6 of 12)

Eden flew further down south towards Moore Square while Papa circled and landed on a cell antenna.Oct18 (7 of 12)

Oct18 (8 of 12) Oct18 (9 of 12)

As I looked around, I saw another familiar sight.

Oct18 (10 of 12)

Another hawk.  She took off and flew past the Wells Fargo building.  It was Mama.

Oct18 (11 of 12)

There’s my better half- time to go. See y’all!

Oct18 (12 of 12)

The trend seems to be holding. One juvenile has stayed behind.

We’ll see in the next few months if Eden stays or leaves before the next breeding season.




2 thoughts on “It’s Been a Long Time…

  1. I counted ~10 raptors just now. Are there other kinds in downtown Raleigh apart from red-tailed hawks?

    Sorry, very new to the raptor watching.

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