Hello Again!

It’s been a while since i’ve last blogged.  I was having a difficult time finding our Red-tailed friends in the early dark, mornings.  But with daylight savings time now switched off, guess what?  Action!

I drove down the Science Museum and saw one hawk perched on a camera.  As I approached to take some pictures,

nov6 (2 of 20)

I saw another hawk fly in and land on an electric pole.

(Kids don’t do this at home!)

nov6 (1 of 20)

It was Papa.  He looked in the direction of another electric pole and there was yet another hawk!

nov6 (4 of 20)

It was Mama and she was having breakfast.  Hmmm… so the hawk on the camera must be Eden.

nov6 (3 of 20)

Mama took a few bites and flew off…

nov6 (5 of 20) nov6 (6 of 20)

… and landed where Papa was.  She passed the food to Papa.

nov6 (7 of 20)

Here’s breakfast, Nice to share!

nov6 (8 of 20)

nov6 (9 of 20)

Papa took a few bites but it wasn’t long before Eden came flying from across the street.

nov6 (10 of 20)

Uh, Oh…

nov6 (11 of 20)

Eden landed on the electric pole which unfortunately wasn’t big enough to hold 2 Red-tails!

nov6 (12 of 20) nov6 (13 of 20)

Someone had to give, and Papa did.

nov6 (14 of 20)

With breakfast at hand, Eden flew back to the camera post.

nov6 (15 of 20) nov6 (16 of 20)

After eating, she flew and landed next door and moved out of sight, while Mama stood close by.

nov6 (18 of 20)

Papa didn’t go far.  He was scouting for more prey.

nov6 (19 of 20)

nov6 (20 of 20)

Raleigh’s Raptors are back… Actually, they never left and the trend continues.  Just like last year (Blynken) and the year before (Babe), one kid remained with the parents in Downtown and this year, it’s Eden.

It should be an interesting new breeding season come February 2014.

Stay tuned…




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