9 o’clock bus

Between weather and work and other activities, it’s been difficult to spot papa, mama and eden around downtown. So it’s been a few weeks of “no-see”, but today, a similar silhouette sat on the roof of the parking deck by the bus station parking deck.

dec3 (1 of 4)

At this distance, I couldn’t tell who it was, besides, it was back-lighted.  The prudent thing to do was to go up front, hoping that it wouldn’t take off before i got there.

He was still there when i got to the bus station across from Moore Square.


dec3 (3 of 4)


dec3 (2 of 4)

I took a few steps up the station and took a closer shot.

Waiting for the 9 o’clock bus

dec3 (4 of 4)

Who was it?  It was Papa.  I didn’t see any other RT.  No Mama nor Eden, but they’re probably somewhere around.

btw, the time on the clock is still on Daylight Savings. Someone adjust it back to EST 🙂

During the end of december last year, folks from the Revenue building reported seeing the RT’s refurbishing their nest.  Will they do it this early again this year?  We’ll see.

Stay tuned…




2 thoughts on “9 o’clock bus

  1. Glad to see your post, I just found a pair, finally in Clayton, have watched entirely for the last two years, Big Red and Ezra at Cornell, I am hawk crazy. Thanks for the post, was so surprised to see a following in Raleigh

    • nice to hear!. i’ve been following this pair for 3 years. they’ve had 10 kids so far, some got injured, rehabbed and released. maybe you can stop by downtown when (hopefully) they come back next year.

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