Getting ready for the next year?

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“A winter’s day, in a deep and dark December, I am alone gazing from the ground to the skies above…”

Okay, not quite Simon and Garfunkel’s “I am A Rock”, but close 🙂

Dec 18

Most of the times, I see zippo of Raleigh’s Red-tails, but sometimes, luck is on my side and I see one of them flying high above.  Looks like the Red-tails are starting off late these days.

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Dec 20

With no resident raptor on duty, invaders make their appearance in Red-tail land.  I caught a glimpse of a large bird on an oak tree next to the Capitol.  It wasn’t one of the Red-tails, but a Cooper.

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As I pointed my camera towards him, he looked at me and subsequently took off.  Any Red-tails in sight? Nada.

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There’s been no activity on the nest either. It has looked the same today as it has been from a few months ago.  Are they coming back?

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Looks like they haven’t left.  How many of the 2 juveniles are left in the city?  I’m unsure, but reports from folks in the Revenue Building say they’ve seen 4 Red tails around the Capitol.  Thanks for the report, Dee!

Four means mom and pop, eden and sally.  Remember, Hee-Larry (or Hilary) was released back into the wild a few months back.

Dec 20

Birds Eye-View

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Late afternoon, I was in luck as there were 3 Red-tails in the Capitol area.  Two were perched on the Wells Fargo building.  I’m not sure who was up there but my guess is one juvenile and Papa.

As I circled the Capitol, I caught a glimpse of another Red-tail.  At first I thought it was Mama, but looking at the tail feathers revealed it to be a juvenile.  Both Eden and Sally are still here?  Not 100% sure.

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Who ever that was on the tree took off and landed on the Cross of a church.  But it didn’t stay long and flew back into the Capitol, passing by their former home and joined Mama in the air.

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One of the kids – probably Eden…

yearEnd2013 (14 of 14)


yearEnd2013 (13 of 14)


Will they be back next year? I hope so.


Till then, Raleigh’s Red-tails wish y’all  a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!




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