Ready for Another Raleigh Raptor Year?

Jan 9, 2014

The past several days has been icy cold (14 degrees F) and I had to quickly retreat from my early morning walk around the Capitol.  No sign of our Red-tail friends.

But today, a familiar sight.  A hawk swooped down into the nest carrying a twig in her beak.  I quickly parked and got my camera, but it was a drop off and the hawk departed quickly.  Who was this hawk?  It was Mama.

Looks like they’re starting to rebuild their nest and getting ready for this year’s breeding season!  A quick check of the nest shows new lumber :).

jan9 (8 of 8)

Mama didn’t stay to fix up the nest.  I guess that would happen in the coming days. Where’s Papa? Didn’t see him this morning.  Where are the kids? No sighting either.

jan9 (2 of 8)

Mama landed on a flag pole by the Revenue building along Morgan street and stood there enjoying the sunrise and the brisk air.  I don’t think she felt cold at all, while my fingers were close to being frozen in this frigid 19 degree cold.

jan9 (3 of 8)

Some Crows flew across her and cawed loudly, but Mama gave them the snub.

jan9 (4 of 8)

Yep. That is a Red-tail.

jan9 (6 of 8)

jan9 (5 of 8)

Red-tails are all around.  On my way home yesterday, I saw this pair atop the Cross of the New Hope Baptist Church along 401 (Louisburg Road corner New Hope Church Road).  I’ve seen one on this Cross before, but this is the first time I’ve seen a pair.

jan9 (1 of 8)

Are you ready for another Red-tail observing season?




4 thoughts on “Ready for Another Raleigh Raptor Year?

  1. Awesome Jordan!!! I’ve seen a couple in my neighborhood near 5 Points but that was before Christmas. Just for perspective, I have 2 Rufous Hummingbirds in my yard 🙂

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