Photo Shoot

Jan 13

I was in a rush for my client’s photo session.  I checked the nest…  lots of new lumber but no Red-tail.

photoshoot (1 of 11)

Down below was a Mockingbird resting on a “Reserved” sign.  I asked but he hadn’t seen any of the Red-tails either :). Where could he be?

photoshoot (2 of 11)

Ah, after circling around (on foot), I finally found him.  Yep, he was waiting.

photoshoot (3 of 11)

Sorry, us wingless bi-peds can’t get around as quickly as you do. 🙂

photoshoot (4 of 11)

Papa was glad to pose…

photoshoot (5 of 11)

for the camera…

photoshoot (6 of 11)

and was even a bit chatty 🙂

photoshoot (8 of 11)

You’re looking good, big guy. Thanks!

photoshoot (10 of 11)

See ya!

photoshoot (11 of 11)




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