The Art of the Hunt

Jan 21

The past few days has yielded no sightings of our Red-tail friends.  Morning, noon, late afternoon, nada, zilch, zip! The nest also has not seen any new materials being delivered.

Jan20_21 (1 of 22) Jan20_21 (2 of 22)

Jan 21

So today, I decided to drop by the nest site a good 30 minutes earlier.  After rounding the usual perching sites, I gave up.  All I saw was a Great Blue flying thru.

Jan20_21 (4 of 22)

Where are the Red-tails?  Much like this time last year, they did some nest work, then for several days, nothing.  Same situation this year.  But, glancing further south, a sign that they’re still here.

Jan20_21 (3 of 22)

There were 2 flying around the Wells Fargo but they didn’t come to the nest but instead flew south. Oh, well.  It looked like it was going to be one of those no-see days or was it?

Later, I spotted a Red-tail on Goldie Hen.  It was Mama.  She looked west, east and south.  She was on the hunt.

Jan20_21 (8 of 22)  Jan20_21 (6 of 22) Jan20_21 (7 of 22)

Then after picking and locking on to her target, Mama literally leaped off Goldie with wings tucked in.  This wing-in position is their hunting posture and enables them to take off at a very fast speed.


Jan20_21 (9 of 22)

Jan20_21 (10 of 22)

Mama took off like a missle and started to open her wings to slow her speed down, but it was still VERY FAST!

Jan20_21 (12 of 22)

12:43:34 (2 seconds later)

She became obscured by a tree…

Jan20_21 (13 of 22)

I wasn’t sure were she was headed but the next thing I saw was Mama striking something on a tree then quickly turning around.  No time for the camera to swing into action.  This all happened in about 10 seconds after she took a dive.


A squirrel fell from the tree and hit the ground.  Mama immediately landed and claimed her catch.

Jan20_21 (14 of 22) Jan20_21 (15 of 22)

Mama stayed with her catch for about a minute before flying off to the safety of a treeJan20_21 (16 of 22) Jan20_21 (19 of 22)

Still clutching her catch, she stood on the tree for about 4 minutes.  A few Raleigh folks saw her and started to take pictures.  Mama took a poop then flew off to eat her lunch away from the hawkaratzzi :).

Jan20_21 (21 of 22) Jan20_21 (22 of 22)

Wow!  This was some action.




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