Spring is in the Air?

The coldest days this winter season happened during the last week of January, 2014.  Eight degrees?  Old Man Winter must be hanging in there longer this year.  But even at these low temperatures, there’s been quite a bit of small birds appearing on the Capitol’s grounds and trees.  Spring?

Feb (2 of 18) Feb (1 of 18) Feb (6 of 18) Feb (5 of 18)

But where are the stars of the show? 🙂

There here… but unlike last year, no sign of any of the kids.

Feb (4 of 18) Feb (3 of 18)

Feb 3

I can always count on the Blue jays to sound the alarm when a hawk is nearby.  After walking a half circle on the Capitol grounds, I heard Blue jays making quite a racket.  I walked over to check and who did I find?  Mama.

Feb (7 of 18)

Mama was by herself.  No kids, no Papa… but wait…  Who’s this fella?

Feb (8 of 18)

Ah, yes.  It’s Papa.  Papa took off and landed on the Highway Building, right across from Mama.  He was obviously on the hunt.

Feb (9 of 18)

Not seeing any potential prey, Papa took off again…

Feb (11 of 18)

He looked left, right, forward and down until…

Feb (12 of 18) Feb (13 of 18) Feb (14 of 18) Feb (15 of 18)

He saw me and asked:  “What? I didn’t schedule a photo session today!”



Feb (16 of 18)

Sorry, hawkarattzzi. Some other day. C’ya.

And with that, Papa took off.

Feb (17 of 18) Feb (18 of 18)

From observations I’ve made last year and the year before,  nesting renovations should start picking up by mid-February, albeit, this year, without any help from the kids :).




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