Three’s Company

Feb 6, 2014

After Janus, Kronos and Maximus  left their mark with snow, ice and brrrr…. cold!, February started off with more seasonal temperatures.

Papa flew in from the west and took his post on the flag pole of the Capitol.

feb6_7 (1 of 17) feb6_7 (2 of 17)

After a few minutes, he took off and headed to the nest.  Papa didn’t carry any lumber, but just sat on the south dormer of the steeple.

feb6_7 (3 of 17)

But you can see that the Red-tails have been working.  There’s quite a bit more lumber on the nest.

Back side (south)

feb6_7 (4 of 17)

Front side (East)

feb6_7 (5 of 17)

Feb 7

Being in downtown brings more opportunities to observe our Red-tail friends.  Looking out the window, I found Mama and Papa circling the Wells Fargo building.

Can you find one of them in this shot?  (Not sure who this is)

feb6_7 (6 of 17)

Here’s a closer look. (2nd “L”)

feb6_7 (1 of 1)

After inspecting the building, he hopped on the camera.  Pigeons around the area scattered.


feb6_7 (7 of 17)

While one sat on the camera, the other breezed through the air.  Why not? It’s a beautiful day!

feb6_7 (8 of 17)

By midday, I stopped by the nest site but didn’t see Mama nor Papa, however, there was one hawk atop the Wells Fargo.  It flew off and I couldn’t tell where it headed.

Oh, well…

So I checked the other buildings around the nest area and saw something poking up the SECU building.

Aha! A hawk.

feb6_7 (9 of 17)

I walked towards the SECU for a closer look…

Lo and behold! Not one, nor two but Three hawks!

I’m not sure who this was but it’s got to be one of the kids from last year.  We know He-Larry was injured and rehabbed, so this could either be Eden or Sally.  Eden was the last to leave the nest so I’m going out on a limb here and say this is Eden.

feb6_7 (10 of 17)

Papa took off first to give Eden some Mother-Daughter time.

feb6_7 (12 of 17) feb6_7 (13 of 17)

Eden took off and circled the Capitol area.

feb6_7 (16 of 17)

feb6_7 (15 of 17) feb6_7 (17 of 17)

Eden looks good!

I was incorrect to say no kid this year.   The trend continues!

Babe in 2012, Blynken in 2013. This year, it’s Eden.

They’re back!




6 thoughts on “Three’s Company

  1. I loved your “Papa was not carrying any lumber” and “out on a limb” comments! I also love that you recognize that the birds still remain connected after fledglings are independent. I am witnessing the same thing here. Family! Love it! Thanks for your posts!

  2. Saw two hawks on the cross of New Hope Baptist Church the other evening going home. Not sure if they are Red Tails. I really enjoy your webpage.

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