Visiting the ol’ home

Feb 21

A shower fell in the night, and now dark clouds drift across the sky, sprinkling a fine film of rain” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

That’s what the weather was like early, with more to come around mid-day.

The Red-tails were out in force, probably knowing they won’t be able to hunt or to fix up the nest later on.  Somehow I think they know when bad weather is coming w/o any of the high-tech gizmos that we have. 🙂

Eden was waiting at the steeple near her former home.  Now where is that breakfast I ordered?

feb21 (2 of 14)

Eden looked towards the Capitol, because that’s were Mama and Papa were hanging out.  Sorry, kid. No food.

feb21 (1 of 14)

Mama was at the anthemion, while Papa just took off and landed on a nearby tree.

feb21 (5 of 14)

Right away, Papa was joined by some familiar friends, Blue jays.

feb21 (4 of 14) feb21 (3 of 14)

It wasn’t long before Eden took off and circled and Papa did the same.

feb21 (7 of 14)

feb21 (9 of 14)

I also spotted a Great Blue in the distance.



feb21 (8 of 14)

Then Mama joined in the air show.  They screeched and circled around before splitting up.  Papa landed on a tree across from the nest while Mama landed on the SECU building.

feb21 (10 of 14) feb21 (11 of 14)

Papa took off, landed on another tree where they usually shop for pine needles.  I was expecting him to pickup some pine needles for the nest, but he didn’t and instead started to preen. Oh, well. I guess the morning’s work is done.

feb21 (12 of 14) feb21 (13 of 14)




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