Papa on DIY Nest

Feb 25

The morning started with Mama sitting on the anthemion.  She was in no hurry to go anywhere, but I was so off to work  I went.

feb25 (4 of 18) feb25 (5 of 18)

At noon, the nest was quiet and nary a Red-tail in sight but there were a lot of Black birds making quite a racket on the leaf-less trees.

Then suddenly, a large bird came into view…  and it was headed towards the nest.  It was Papa on Do-It-Yourself nest building duty.  He brought in some nesting material.

feb25 (6 of 18)

Papa jumped in the nest and was not visible from ground level.  The only indication he was there was some of the twigs were moving.  No doubt, he was fixing up the nest, for egg-laying is about a week away!

feb25 (7 of 18)

With his nest building chores done, Papa took off.

feb25 (8 of 18)

feb25 (10 of 18)

feb25 (11 of 18)

Papa headed for a pit stop at Goldie Hen.  He sat for a quick minute then took off hunting.

feb25 (12 of 18)

He dove downwards towards the State Library and tried to snatch something off the ground.  He missed.  I tried to chase him but legs are no match for wings and he took off before I could take any shots.

Papa’s presence caused a few bogeys to tail him.  No harm done.  After a few acrobatic circles in the air, the Crows left Papa alone.

feb25 (17 of 18) feb25 (16 of 18) feb25 (15 of 18) feb25 (14 of 18) feb25 (13 of 18)

On Raleigh’s Tallest Peak

feb25 (18 of 18)

I checked the timeline from last year.  Mama started staying in the nest around Feb 28 to Mar 1 (see)

but last year was much warmer.  I figured maybe a week delay – due to weather.

Stay tuned…




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