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Raleigh Raptors

Show Times: daily – all day

Dates: March 10, 2014 thru June 7, 2014 (dates and times may change without prior notice ūüôā )

Location: Downtown Raleigh @ the Capitol

March 10, 2014

After weeks of nasty weather, the past weekend was a huge change and I expected Mama to be in the nest by now and she didn’t disappoint!

7:18 AM

Daylight savings time made for difficult, early morning shots.¬† The “red” tail is clearly visible in the nest.

Mar10 (1 of 11)

11:38 AM

Today’s lighting was just absolutely gorgeous and Mama took a break from her egg-sitting duties.

Mar10 (2 of 11)

11:57 AM

Papa had to egg-sit while Mama took her well-deserved break.

Mar10 (3 of 11)

12:17 PM

But, all was not quiet in Red-tail town.¬† Another Red-tail has come in seeking to mate.¬† Sorry, dude.¬† Mama’s already committed and this spot has already been claimed.

Mar10 (4 of 11) Mar10 (5 of 11)

Even Eden came to assist to drive the intruder out of town.

Mar10 (6 of 11)

12:20 PM

Yes. There were 3 Red-tails in the air.  Mama and Eden made sure the intruder was escorted out of the area.

Mar10 (7 of 11)

12:29 PM

Papa doesn’t normally stay as long as Mama does, and he took off.¬† What?¬† Who’s watching the nest?

Mar10 (8 of 11)


No worries.¬† Mama swooped right in …

Mar10 (9 of 11) Mar10 (10 of 11)

… and landed in the nest.¬† Back to egg-sitting.

Mar10 (11 of 11) Mar10 (1 of 1)

I call this the changing of the guard.¬† This occurs several times during the day.¬† When it happens, it’s very quick; usually in less than 10 seconds.¬† One hawk lands, the other takes off.¬† Sometimes, the one in the nest takes off first, even before the other lands.¬† If you want to see it, you have to keep your eyes on the nest and glance around.

Are there eggs in the nest?¬† I haven’t seen them since the nest is deep, but it’s inferred.

The show has begun.  Grab some popcorn.




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