Spring Equinox

After many, many days of clouds, rain, ice and fog, the first day of spring was a most welcome sight.

Yes, our Red-tail friends had to endure these really-tough conditions in the past several days.

March 18.

An ice storm swept thru Raleigh and left a layer of ice all around…

Mar20 (2 of 11)  Mar20 (3 of 11)

But, surprisingly, while the tree branches were laden with ice, there was heat in the nest!  No ice at all! Kudos to a good Landlord!

Mar20 (4 of 11)

Mama took a week longer before laying eggs this year, but winter has been relentless.  I was concerned what would happen to Mama, Papa and the eggs in the nest with all the cold, snow, ice and rain!

True to their calling, Mama and Papa rode out the ice storm and voila! Spring came…

March 20

The sky was blue and the air was a balmy 60 degrees.  Downtown folks were up taking walks around the Capitol.  Papa flew in with something in his beak.  It wasn’t food.  He stopped briefly on a tree across from the nest, then flew in.

Mar20 (6 of 11) Mar20 (7 of 11)

Papa brought in some pine needles.  They probably know, winter’s not over yet, despite today being the 1st day of spring 🙂  The forecast is more cold weather next week.

Mar20 (8 of 11)

As Papa flew in… Mama took off… Your turn to watch the eggs, dad.

Mar20 (9 of 11)

Other residents were also active.

Mar20 (10 of 11) Mar20 (11 of 11)

Their eggs will probably hatch somewhere between April 5-15.  We will know once Mama or Papa starts delivering food into the nest.

Stay tuned…




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