Winter just won’t leave

it’s been that kind of a winter.  Just when you get spoiled with a few days of 60-70 degree weather, the forecast for tomorrow calls for possible… snow?

Mama and Papa have to endure these wild weather swings and most of all, they have to keep the eggs warm.  According to John Gerwin of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, if they can’t get enough food, they might abandon the nest. I stop by just about daily to check on the nest.  I usually see a round “head” which means either Mama or Papa is in the nest. Sometimes the lighting is so poor or they’re buried so deep in the nest that they’re not visible from ground level.

mar24 (2 of 17)

Many other birds have also come back to nest on the Capitol’s trees.

mar24 (1 of 17)

Here, a Blue jay gets annoyed by a Woodpecker.

mar24 (3 of 17)

Mar 24

Either Mama or Papa was on nest duty.  Two hawks soared high above and while I was photographing the 2 RT in the air, the RT in the nest took off.  I wasn’t sure who it was.  Hmmm… eggs unattended? in 47 degree weather?  Not too cold, but…

mar24 (4 of 17)

A few minutes later, Papa flew into the nest bringing what looked like… food?

mar24 (5 of 17) mar24 (6 of 17)

Well, the eggs couldn’t have hatched yet, as it’s way too early.  Seconds later, Mama followed right in…

mar24 (7 of 17)

… and quickly left with the food that Papa brought. Awww…. home delivery.

mar24 (8 of 17) mar24 (9 of 17) mar24 (10 of 17)

Mama landed on an oak tree next to the Capitol.  She quickly devoured the food.  She must have been very hungry.  You would be too, if you’ve been sitting in the nest for several hours incubating those eggs!

mar24 (11 of 17) mar24 (12 of 17)

After eating, a Cardinal came and checked Mama out.  No hostilities here as they’re both Republicans 🙂

mar24 (14 of 17)

Mama took off on a short hop to the Anthemion.

mar24 (15 of 17)

After a little bit of preening, she took off for a stretch.

mar24 (16 of 17) mar24 (17 of 17)

The weatherman predicts a possibility of snow tomorrow.  Ah. This winter just won’t go away.




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