You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

April 1

Have the eggs hatched yet?  I don’t think so.  For one, neither Mama or Papa has brought food to the nest yet.  Pretty much every day it’s the same routine.  Early morning, one sits in the nest and the only visual cue is a round “head” sticking out.

Apr1 (2 of 17)

They do the usual exchange. One says hello, the other says goodbye and it’s the “hellower”‘s job to incubate the eggs.

Here, Mama waits on a tree across from the nest.

Apr1 (6 of 17) Apr1 (7 of 17)

Mama says Hello…

Apr1 (8 of 17) Apr1 (9 of 17)

Papa says goodbye…

Apr1 (5 of 17)Apr1 (4 of 17)

takes off and makes a pit stop at the monument….


Apr1 (11 of 17)


does some preening…



Apr1 (12 of 17) Apr1 (13 of 17)

before taking off westbound towards Nash Square.  I decided to follow him and see where he went.

Apr1 (14 of 17)

Papa stopped over at a nearby building, then it’s off to one of their favorite hangouts.  The Wells Fargo.  It’s tough being a flight-less bi-ped :(.

Apr1 (15 of 17) Apr1 (16 of 17) Apr1 (17 of 17)

Their eggs should hatch in about a week’s time.  Last year, when their eggs hatched, Mama had to chase Blynken away from the nest.  I have not seen Eden in the past week, but I have a feeling she’s still around.  If she is, then for sure, she’ll be chased out of town once this batch of eggs hatches.

Don’t touch that dial!




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