A Glimpse of Eden

April 9

Spring is well under way and with the weather warming up, it was nice to see lots of birds around downtown, busy… nesting.

apr9 (1 of 1)

This dove’s nest is right across from the RT’s.  The tree it’s on is still quite bare but should soon fill with leaves and will give the nest some cover.

I walked around and saw this unmistakable form of a hawk.  But who was it?

apr9 (1 of 12)

Viewed from the back, it’s hard to tell, but she turned around and…

apr9 (4 of 12)

It’s one of the younglings from last year.  It’s Eden.  She looked at me and…. yes, it’s the hawkarattzzi!

Are you ready for your next batch of siblings?  Mind you.  Once the eggs hatch, Mama or Papa won’t want you around.  Just ask Blynken –> Worn Out Welcome  (This was exactly a year + 1 day ago.)

apr9 (3 of 12)

Eden took a short hop and landed on a roof.

apr9 (6 of 12) apr9 (5 of 12)

She proceeded to “walk” like a bird across the roof…

apr9 (7 of 12)

but talons, while good for hunting doesn’t have much traction… at least not on this kind of surface. She slipped and almost fell off. Thank god for wings.

apr9 (9 of 12)

Eden looks okay, but she’s hungry as evidenced by the “empty” spot on her chest.

apr9 (11 of 12)

Happy hunting!

apr9 (12 of 12)

So far, no food deliveries to the nest yet  but that should change any day now.

Stay tuned…





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