Parental Duties

With younglings in the nest, Papa and Mama has become extremely busy.  Papa hunts, chases would-be intruders away (including their own – Eden), while Mama feeds (mostly) and stays with the still-vulnerable eyasses.

Nope. They’re not big enough to peek above the nest yet.  Maybe next week.

April 22

Papa takes in the sunshine while panning for possible prey.

apr22 (1 of 14)

Despite the wind giving Mama a bad-feather day, she serves breakfast to the younglings.

apr22 (2 of 14) apr22 (3 of 14)

By noon, Mama was sitting on the nest and looking around and around and around.

apr22 (4 of 14) apr22 (5 of 14)

She looked in my direction giving me a stare only a hawk can give 🙂

apr22 (6 of 14)

After about 15 minutes, she started dipping into the nest.  Lunch is served. For about 20 minutes, Mama fed the younglings after which she took off.

apr22 (7 of 14) apr22 (8 of 14) apr22 (9 of 14) apr22 (10 of 14)

and landed in a nearby oak tree to do some oral hygiene…. namely, beak cleaning.  Nope. no floss necessary. 🙂

apr22 (11 of 14) apr22 (12 of 14)

That was a quick clean and stretch (< 1 minute)

apr22 (13 of 14)

and then it’s back to the nest.

apr22 (14 of 14)

There are definitely younglings in the nest.  How many is anyone’s guess.  Typically, RT’s have 3 when food is plentiful.  Mama and Papa had 4 in 2011, 3 in 2012 and 2013.

Let’s start looking for those white balls of ‘cotton’ pop up the nest starting about next week.

Stay tuned…




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