Don’t forget the napkins

I haven’t seen any young ones peeking out of the nest yet although folks from the Revenue building who have a line-of-sight to the nest have reported seeing some white blobs surfacing.

Last year, the first sighting of the eyasses came on April 16, 2013.  This year was quite cold and the RT’s started about a week late.  Doing the math, I’d say we should start seeing the white bobble heads by this weekend.

April 24

The sun was just peeking over the horizon and birds have started their daily venture to their feeding grounds.

apr24 (1 of 13)

Mama was in the nest.  I watched and waited for Papa to do a food drop but there was no sign.

apr24 (2 of 13)

Instead, Mama took off and left the nest unprotected!

apr24 (3 of 13)

I thought Mama was just out for a quick stretch, but minutes passed and still no one…. when suddenly, Papa came in from the back door.

apr24 (4 of 13)

Papa started to feed the younglings and was soon joined by Mama.

apr24 (5 of 13)

Mama: “Didn’t you forget something?”

Papa: “What? Ohhhhhhhh!”

apr24 (6 of 13)

apr24 (8 of 13)

Papa made a quick pit stop at the Monument and as usual, Mack attacked.

apr24 (9 of 13) apr24 (10 of 13)

After doing a quick beak-cleaning, he took off.

apr24 (11 of 13) apr24 (12 of 13)

Papa: “Sorry! here are the napkins”. 🙂

apr24 (13 of 13)

Hawk Walk today 11:30 AM to 1 PM!  Join us!




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