First of May

The first of May started out with lots of dark clouds and a fine drizzle.

There was a hawk on nanny duty in the nest.  Not sure who, but my guess it was Mama.

may1 (4 of 14)

While Mama was watching the young ones, Papa was out and about at the Wells.

may1 (1 of 14)

Papa hopped from the camera to the building’s peak. Effortless.

may1 (2 of 14) may1 (3 of 14)

Why should Papa have all the fun?  Mama joined in.

may1 (5 of 14) may1 (7 of 14) may1 (6 of 14)

By lunch time, it was Papa’s turn to be on guard detail.  As usual, he couldn’t sit still and flew off and circled back.

may1 (8 of 14) may1 (9 of 14) may1 (10 of 14)

He seemed to be looking for Mama to come in relief, but Mama was no where in sight. In the mean time, one of the eyasses has already started to flex its wings.

may1 (13 of 14) may1 (12 of 14) may1 (11 of 14)

Where’s Mama? She was up at the Wells.  Wait. there were 2 hawks.  While I can’t be 100% sure, I’d say the 2nd hawk was a juvenile, because Papa was on nest detail.  Then again, he could have flown from the nest to join Mama for a fine spring breeze up at their penthouse.

may1 (14 of 14)

It turned out to be a pretty day for the Hawk Watch.  Kids had fun looking through scopes at the eyasses and at Papa.

hawkwatch (1 of 2)

Join us in our Hawk Watch!  The next few weeks should be very interesting as the young eyasses grow and start to climb to the edge of the nest!  See Mama and Papa feed the younglings!

11:30 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Monday 5/5
  • Tuesday 5/13
  • Thursday 5/15
  • Tuesday 5/20
  • Thursday 5/22
  • Science Thursdays
  • 5:30 PM to 7:00PM
  • Thursday 5/1 (that’s tonight!)





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