Little Things

May 14

The eyasses are growing up fast and Mama has been spending a lot of time in the nest, feeding and just hanging out with the kids. The kids are starting to get curious of the little things in the world beyond their nest.

may1415 (1 of 29)  may1415 (3 of 29)

While Mama sits with the kids, Papa is out banking at the Wells :)… actually hunting.

may1415 (4 of 29) may1415 (5 of 29)

Mama has been staying in the nest for extended periods even after feeding. I’m not sure why, but it wasn’t like this in years before.  Is there a 4th eyas that hatched late and needs more care?

may1415 (6 of 29) may1415 (16 of 29) may1415 (15 of 29) may1415 (14 of 29) may1415 (13 of 29)

A part of the nest hangs off the front side. Two years ago, Wynken fell off the nest from the back side due to a similar nest overhang.  That was quite a week for the little guy living amongst the trees in the Capitol.  Hopefully, these eyasses will be careful and not play too close to the edge.

may1415 (11 of 29)

It was quite hot even the squirrels had to take a sip.

may1415 (10 of 29)

Look Ma! I have Wings!

may1415 (9 of 29)

Papa has been very busy hunting and here’s a hunt sequence, courtesy of Papa.

Papa surveys the area for potential prey.

may1415 (17 of 29)

He spots one…

may1415 (18 of 29)

and takes a steep dive…

may1415 (19 of 29)

may1415 (20 of 29)

‘S’uperman position…

may1415 (21 of 29)

Target sighted…  talons down…

may1415 (22 of 29)

Trajectory adjustment…

may1415 (23 of 29) may1415 (24 of 29) may1415 (25 of 29) may1415 (26 of 29) may1415 (27 of 29)

whoops! unfortunately, I didn’t see the conclusion of this hunt. 😦

may1415 (28 of 29)

And there’s another Raptor on the Wells… Who’s this? Eden?

may1415 (29 of 29)

Next Hawk Watch is this lunch time at 11:30 AM to 1 PM, weather permitting.




4 thoughts on “Little Things

  1. Awesome Shots! I am so amazed how far ahead your season is compared to mine. One baby hatched in the Rocky Mountains on Monday in a nest piled high with snow! If you are on FB or want to give me your email I’ll send you a picture. Much appreciation for your commitment, creativity and talent! ~Maureen

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