All in the Family

May 22

These days, it’s common to see Mama or Papa up above the nest, on the column or one of the dormers.  That’s because the 3 younglings are quite mobile now and very soon will test out those flight gear.  Memorial day is right around the corner and in the 3 years past,  the eyasses have fledged on or before Memorial day.

May22 (1 of 9)


May22 (1 of 1)

This year, Memorial day is earlier by about a week and the RT’s nested a week or so later due to the cold winter so expect this batch to fledge on or about the 1st week of June.

So while they’re home, get to spend time with the kids.  Mama does!

Look Ma! I can carry this stick!

May22 (4 of 9) May22 (8 of 9)

While Papa does the hunting and even picks his beak in mid-air. (sorry for the blur)

May22 (2 of 9)

While the eyasses certainly have their remiges, their tail feathers are still quite short.  A good gauge on when they’re flight-ready is to look at the length of their tail feathers.

May22 (3 of 5) May22 (1 of 5) May22 (4 of 5)

May22 (2 of 5)

Happy Memorial Day from Raleigh’s Red-tails to yours!

May22 (5 of 5)




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