Dione Down

May 27, 2014

The day started with the eyasses just loafing around in the nest.  Papa and Mama were up high on the Wells.

May27 (1 of 17) May27 (2 of 17) May27 (1 of 1)

By lunch time, I found Mama staring out a relatively quiet nest.  There were some nesting material on the ground below the nest which was unusual. I looked around but didn’t see anything and thought the kids might be sleeping.  However, a lady at the church’s parking lot told me that there was a hawk on the ground by the bushes.

May27 (3 of 17)

It’s 2012 all over again.  Dione had fallen from the nest and was limping.  Her wings look good, but unlike Wynken (from 2012), Dione wasn’t flight-ready yet and probably hit the ground hard.  In 2012, when Wynken fell, he never hit the ground but flapped up to the safety of a tree.

May27 (5 of 17) May27 (6 of 17) May27 (7 of 17) May27 (8 of 17)

New surroundings and not knowing what to do, Dione moved in and out of the bushes and tried to flap her wings.  I blocked her exit to prevent her from going to the streets.  Meanwhile, I called Steve Stone of the American Wildlife Refuge for help.  http://awrefuge.net/

May27 (9 of 17) May27 (10 of 17)

Papa came and to check on Dione, but the Blue jays were just merciless and drove him away.  There wasn’t much that he could have done get Dione back to the nest.  It’s up the the AWR.

May27 (12 of 17) May27 (13 of 17) May27 (14 of 17)

Dee, from the AWR arrived and got Dione off the parking lot.

May27 (15 of 17)

Meanwhile, Mama flew back into the nest and probably gave the other 2 eyasses a lecture about safety.  Don’t play on the edge of the nest!

May27 (16 of 17)

While their wings are just about fully-formed, these eyasses are still about a week or so shy from fledging.

May27 (17 of 17)

I’ll check with Steve later and update my blog.





9 thoughts on “Dione Down

  1. Oh my, I so enjoyed seeing them over the weekend with friends from 4 – 65+. I’ll pass this along to them.

  2. great meeting you this morning and thanks for this link. uneventful but the good news the two stayed in their nest. steve

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