Alone Again, Naturally

May 28

After Dione’s fall from the nest, only Theia and Rhea remain.   Rhea can bd ID’d by more brown/orange breast feathers.  This may change as they grow, the orangy feathers might disappear, but for now, that’s how I ID them.

Left – Theia, Right – Rhea

May27 (1 of 11)

Mama is still here and looking at me :).

May27 (2 of 11)

Both kids are certainly exercising their wings and it’s getting close to leaving home. 😦

May27 (3 of 11)

Papa is still here too, waaay up close to the top of the steeple.

May27 (4 of 11)

Mama still feeds and chases intruders away.

May27 (5 of 11) May27 (6 of 11) May27 (7 of 11) May27 (8 of 11)

And the kids can’t wait to take to the skies.  But are they ready?

May27 (9 of 11) May27 (10 of 11) May27 (11 of 11)

May 30

It was a very cloudy morning with a little bit of drizzle.   I wanted to check on the kids as I wasn’t able to yesterday.

Both Theia and Rhea were still in the nest.

.May30 (1 of 11)

But Mama and Papa were no where close.  But searching the usual buildings, I found Mama at the west edge of the SECU building.

May30 (3 of 11) May30 (2 of 11)

At lunch time, I saw something ‘large and brown’ in the tree right in front of the nest.  But I looked up the tree but could not find it..  Checking around the nest base, I saw a lot of nesting material on the ground.

May30 (4 of 11)

But Theia was still in the nest…. and only Theia.

Alone Again, Naturally.

May30 (5 of 11)

I scouted around the tree and waited for some movement.  Finally, I saw something that looked like a … hawk.

Since Mama was about 1 week late laying her eggs, I would have thought the eyasses would not fledge yet.  But here’s Rhea up on a tree.  The big question now is, did Rhea fall or fledge?

May30 (6 of 11) May30 (7 of 11) May30 (8 of 11)

Comparing with last year’s fledglings, Rhea’s tail feathers look like they’re still a tad short.

May30 (9 of 11)

So it’s Theia all alone in the nest.  When will she fledge?

May30 (10 of 11) May30 (11 of 11)

Btw, Steve Stone said that Dione is okay. Nothing broken but will have the bird checked.  I’ll update my blog when I have more information.

Stay tuned.




7 thoughts on “Alone Again, Naturally

  1. Whats up with the kids falling this year? I saw the one on top of the SECU building this morning but saw no activity in the nest. If they fall, are they automatically abandoned by the parents?

    • no, they’re not abandoned and in fact they continue to feed them. however, dione was on the ground and was sort of hobbling and AWR was called to come in to help.
      Rhea should be safe in that tree as long as she stays there

  2. Thanks JP, on the update. Glad to hear nothing broken. Keep me in the loop, please.

  3. update sat 5/31 rhea was still in the same tree when i left at noon. the adults spent the entire rtying to get food to her with no success. i plan on checking the m early sunday morning

  4. Great to meet you on Friday JP! We saw Rhea alone in the nest with Mom on the dormer above on Friday night giving encouragement. On Saturday morning Rhea was in the big tree in the parking lot and later back in the nest. Very exciting!

    • It is exciting. Rhea was in the tree last friday. I think the bird in the nest was Theia. Rhea was rescued by the AWR yesterday.
      This season has been quite different as the eyasses fledged/fell early.

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