She’s Leaving Home

June 3

I stopped by the nest early this morning and as expected, I didn’t see Mama or Papa anywhere around.  But by the Mall, Blue-jays were screaming their lungs out.  It could only mean one thing… a hawk.  I walked over to a tree by the Mall and a hawk it was, but it wasn’t a Red-tail.  It looked like a Coopers.  This hawk took off with one of the BJ’s young.

June3 (1 of 10) June3 (2 of 10)

At around lunch time, I saw a familiar figure on a familiar landmark.

June3 (3 of 10)

After taking a few images, I proceeded to the nest area. I saw both Mama and Papa on the SECU building.  Papa had lunch ready and Mama came and took it, but to where?

June3 (4 of 10) June3 (5 of 10) June3 (6 of 10) June3 (7 of 10)

After circling out of sight, Mama came back in and landed in the nest!  But the kids weren’t there.  They’ve all left home :(.  Normally, Mama or Papa would be feeding the fledglings in the trees.  By bringing food back to the nest sort of adds to the theory that both eyasses didn’t fledge last week, but fell.  Had they fledged this week, they would all have been okay.  But take heart, as we know, all 3 are safe in the care of the AWR.

June3 (8 of 10) June3 (9 of 10)

Hopefully, Mama and Papa will be back nesting in the same spot next year.

Mama (1 of 1)


My blog will take a bit of a hiatus for now.

Hope you enjoyed it.  I’ll pick it up when there’s more to report on Mama, Papa or the kids.




6 thoughts on “She’s Leaving Home

  1. Awe so sad they come back to nest and no one home.
    Thanks so much! Did not know Steve had all three, thought last one laddered.

    • i also thought Theia fledged at about the right time, but i guess it was better safe than sorry. in the past years, all fledged into trees and not on the ground although in 2011, one fledged to the back of the church and sat on the fence.

  2. I am glad to hear that all three are fine. It has been a pleasure over the past two years reading about the Hawks. Thank you so much for your efforts. Darline Johnson

  3. jp thanks for the blog.. a web cam above the nest would be great, easy install next time work needs to be done on the spire. also got my tamron 150-600 yesterday, it’s great!

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