News Bits

June 13

A little news from the American Wildlife Refuge.  The 3 hawks are doing fine, however, they will need hunting 101 training.  Sending them out into the wild now would not be a good idea.

Steve doesn’t have the facilities here for that so they will be moved to the Carolina Raptor Center.  Will they be brought back after their training (You must complete your training…. master yoda) ?  I have no idea.

As for Papa and Mama, here are a few shots from the past week.  It’s getting hot and like us wingless bi-peds, they also take shelter from the heat and are difficult to find, but, they’re still here.


RTh (1 of 1) RTh (1 of 1)-2 RTh (1 of 1)-3 RTh (1 of 1)-4


4 thoughts on “News Bits

    • the younglings will not be returned here in Raleigh. I don’t know where they will be released but for sure it’s not here in downtown.
      Downtown is Mama and Papa’s area so they should still be here… we hope

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