A Visitor

Aug 28…

On my way home, I spotted a hawk resting on Goldie so I stopped to check.

Nope, it wasn’t Mama nor Papa.

Aug29 (1 of 7) Aug29 (2 of 7)



Checking the tail feathers revealed it as a juvenile.  But who is this?  Is it Eden?  She was the last juvenile to hang with Mama and Papa.  Remember that Theia, Rhea and Dione all got rescued by AWR so it can’t be anyone of them.  The kids from 2 or more years prior would be sporting “red-tail” feathers as they would already have matured.


So who is this fella?  It seemed so “at-home” on Goldie so it must be one of the earlier kids.  This is where an ID tag would have helped. 🙂

Aug29 (1 of 2)


Aug 29

At around lunch time, I saw another hawk on Goldie.  Was it the same bird from yesterday?  Nope.  This time it was one of the residents – Mama.

Aug29 (7 of 7)  Aug29 (3 of 7)


She was looking around, scouting for prey.

Aug29 (4 of 7)

And there was yet another raptor in the skies above the Capitol.

Aug29 (5 of 7)


Not a Red-tail.  It was way too far up to make a postive ID…

Aug29 (2 of 2)

but the white band across the head area makes me think this is a Kestrel.

Aug29 (1 of 1)

Mama wasn’t bothered.  No sign of Papa.

Aug29 (6 of 7)


Y’all have a good labor day holiday




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