Where’s Mama?

Sept 16

Sightings have been very sparse and only in a few occasions do I see our RT friends at their usual perches.  Two weeks ago, Mama was circling downtown and Papa was nowhere in sight.  This week, it’s the exact opposite.  I guess they take turns watching their territory while one goes on vacation 🙂

Here’s Papa on the antenna tower. I was lucky to have been able to spot him amid all the metal.

Sep18 (1 of 1)-3


Sept 17

Papa had an early morning Red-eye flight and circled outside.  Lighting was pretty dismal.

Sep18 (1 of 2) Sep18 (2 of 2)


Sept 18

Today the sun came shining thru, but sunrise has become later and later but I’ll take this light over any overcast day!

Sep18 (3 of 12)

Hmmm. Let me check that underarm before I take off 🙂

Sep18 (2 of 12) Sep18 (7 of 12)

As I walked to work, I saw Papa land on the Red Hat building.  He took a few peeks at the pigeons across on the other side, but then decided to hop on to the BofA building.


Sep18 (10 of 12) Sep18 (11 of 12) Sep18 (12 of 12)

Where’s Mama?








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