Carolina Raptor Center

Sept 27, 2014

I went on a short trip to Charlotte, NC.  On my way there, I could not resist stopping by the Carolina Raptor Center.

A sculptured eagle greets you at the entrance.


rc0927 (25 of 25) rc0927 (24 of 25)

There’s the gift shop where I bought myself a Red-tailed hawk… stuffed, of course and this guy came complete with the screech of a Red-tail!OneD (1 of 1)

The Carolina Raptor Center has many different raptors and I had so much fun just looking at them.  Photographing them was not the easiest as I could not get next to the cage… I had to stand behind the fence around each cage and the lighting was not the best.

I might have some of the names mixed up so, pardon me.  Feeding these raptors costs the center $6000 per month.

rc0927 (1 of 25)

Crested Caracara

rc0927 (2 of 25)

Not sure, I thought this was a Peregrine Falcon

rc0927 (3 of 25)

OneD (1 of 1)-3

Coopers Hawk

OneD (1 of 1)-4

Merlin – this guy’s name was Han Solo

rc0927 (4 of 25)


OneD (1 of 1)-6

Long-eared owl – often mistaken for the Great Horned Owl.

rc0927 (6 of 25)

Screech Owl

rc0927 (7 of 25)

Ferruginous Hawk (buteo reagalis)

rc0927 (8 of 25)

Swainson’s Hawk (buteo swainsoni)

rc0927 (11 of 25)

Vulture – ‘Sadie’ is leucistic, a condition similar to albinism.  This causes her feathers to be lighter than usual.

rc0927 (12 of 25)


rc0927 (13 of 25)

Eurasian Eagle Owl

OneD (1 of 1)-2

OneD (1 of 1)-7


Barred Owl.  The one on the right has only  1 good eye.

rc0927 (14 of 25) rc0927 (16 of 25)

What raptor center would be complete without the great American Bald Eagle?

rc0927 (18 of 25)

Both of these eagles have one damaged wing.

rc0927 (19 of 25)

A Golden eagle

rc0927 (21 of 25)


I didn’t get the chance to see the Ospreys and the Red-tails as the kids were getting nervous seeing snakes in the area 🙂 and wanted to leave.

Later that night, I had my eardrums blasted thru and thru with the screams of several thousand teens.

OneD (1 of 4)

This was another British invasion similar to one some 50 years ago.  Only this time, there were 5 and not 4 🙂

OneD (2 of 4)

While the music was pretty good, I gotta remind myself to stick with the birds 🙂




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