Mama Solo

Nov 7, 2014

After seeing both Mama and Papa together last week, they went AWOL again :).  I guess it’s just all in the timing.  Easter standard time has returned (Daylight savings time has ended) and the sunrise/sunset times have shifted and it gets late early out there.

At lunch time today, I saw something poking up on the Wells Fargo camera.  Sometimes pigeons would use that too, but this one was much bigger than a pigeon.

RTnov7 (6 of 6)

Taking a closer look, it was no pigeon, or if it was, this would have been a mighty BIG pigeon :).

It was Mama, enjoying the blue skies, great sunshine and the breeze.

RTnov7 (2 of 6)

Mama stood there for quite a long time, looking around, no doubt for potential prey.

RTnov7 (3 of 6)

Breezy, gusty windy…

RTnov7 (4 of 6) RTnov7 (5 of 6)



No sign of Papa.  I waited for Mama to take off, but it looked like she had no intention of doing that anytime soon…. and I had to head back :(.

Oh, well. At least they’re still here.  It shouldn’t be long now before they start building up that nest.

For y’all who are familiar with NY’s top Red-tail, Pale Male, here’s a recent article.  Good reading stuff.





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