Visitor or Intruder?


Brrr….  It was a chilly 33 degrees… a good 20 degrees below normal for this time of the year.  Not much was happening at the Capitol…  didn’t see any small birds or squirrels.  I guess everyone was indoors or in trees :).  But a chance glance up to the sky and I saw what looked like a large bird landing on one of the trees at the Capitol. What was it?

RT1118 (1 of 5)

A Raptor or more specifically, a Red-tail…. but this wasn’t Mama or Papa.

RT1118 (2 of 5)

The tail feathers are still striped, hence a juvenile.  It hopped from tree to tree, taking quick looks around but never stayed long on each branch.

RT1118 (3 of 5) RT1118 (4 of 5) RT1118 (5 of 5)


I followed it until it flew across 2 blocks into Nash Square where I lost him.

Who was this fella?  All of this year’s juveniles were rescued, so it might be one of the juveniles from last year (Hillary, Eden and Sally)?  One could only guess.

I guess Mama and Papa are on vacation. leaving visitors unchallenged here.





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