Have Vacancy… Will Occupy

December 3

Today’s weather was even worse.  It was foggy the entire morning and cloudy all day.  I didn’t think I would see our RT visitor at the Capitol, but I was wrong.

There he was again, poking his nose into squirrel nests.

Dec3 (1 of 6) Dec3 (2 of 6) Dec3 (3 of 6) Dec3 (4 of 6) Dec3 (5 of 6)Dec3 (1 of 1)


I didnt’ take many shots as he flew out and landed on a tree north of the new  Museum of Natural Sciences where a whole bunch of Blue jays pestered him.  He took off and I lost him.

Last year, with Eden staying on, Mama and Papa were quite visible in downtown in the month of December.  This year, they’ve been AWOL.

Has Mama and Papa relinquished downtown leaving it open to the next bold Red-tail to occupy?    Hopefully, not!



2 thoughts on “Have Vacancy… Will Occupy

  1. Came across what was probably this red tail today, sitting on a light post at the corner of the DOT building about 1:30 pm. Had flown from a tree on the Capital grounds -Michael

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