Just Plain Greedy

December 12, 2014

Ah, what glorious sunshine and not too cold.   Perfect for a quick walk on the Capitol.  But, before that…

Dec12 (1 of 22)

A quick peek outside.  Somehawk was out there.  Who? Hard to tell.

Dec12 (2 of 22)

At the Capitol, I heard a faint noise… that of a squirrel… something that they do when in distress.  I tracked down this fella and he was a mess.  It looked like he jumped in and rolled himself in a mud puddle.

Dec12 (3 of 22) Dec12 (4 of 22)


Squirrels are known to play or fight with each other but it could also mean one thing.  He got away from a would-be predator.

I circled around the Capitol and stumbled on…  The Visitor.

Dec12 (5 of 22)

And yes, she had caught a squirrel and apparently she’s already full.   Note the bulge on her chest.

Dec12 (10 of 22)

She was on a rather low branch and quite a few folks have gathered to watch him so she took off with his catch to another tree.  She didn’t eat it cause she was full but instead left it on the tree…

In front of the Stars and Strips at the Capitol

Dec12 (14 of 22) Dec12 (19 of 22) Dec12 (18 of 22)

And took off to hunt some more!

Dec12 (15 of 22) Dec12 (16 of 22) Dec12 (17 of 22)

This is just unbelievable. She’s full… she has a catch  and still hunts for more!  Just plain greedy!


Dec12 (21 of 22) Dec12 (20 of 22)


Papa and Mama have been AWOL.  I sure hope they have not given up on the Capitol and will be back early in January to rebuild their nest… and of course to hand our visitor a butt kicking exit :).






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