Back to Stay?

Dec 18

It’s been a while since I’ve last seen Mama and Papa – even longer.  The last Red-tail that’s been quite present around the Capitol has been the Visitor.  On my way home today, I looked up in the distance atGoldie Hen but it looked like there was something else on it.  Could it be?

I went in for a closer look – a Red-tail – Ah- It’s Mama.  Just passing thru or getting ready for the next season?

1218 (1 of 9)

Yes, Mama it’s been a while and the hawkarattzzi misses you and Papa.

1218 (2 of 9)  1218 (4 of 9) 1218 (5 of 9)

Mama took off and landed on a camera on top of the museum. She was instantly greeted by some old friends 🙂

1218 (6 of 9)

Mama wasn’t too happy to see the Crows and it showed with her head feathers sticking up.

1218 (7 of 9)

Are you just passing thru or are you here to stay?  The hawk watchers of Raleigh and your fans on the internet wants to know 🙂

1218 (9 of 9) 1218 (8 of 9)

And while you’re here, have a look at who’s been hunting in your territory while you were gone.  Now, go kick butt 🙂

Huh? Who, Me?

Dec1 (18 of 21)

By the way, where’s Papa?





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