Nice to see you back…

January 02, 2015

As I drove to work, I passed by Moore Square and saw something jumping between the branches in one of the trees.  Could have been a squirrel, but squirrels are not that big and they don’t have wings.  I parked and debated between going to work or checking it out.  Since it was before office hours, I opted to check it out :).

Haven’t we met?
01022015 (1 of 12)

I was expecting to see the Visitor, but to my surprise, it was Papa.  This was the first time in weeks that I’ve seen Papa so I’m quite glad to see him.

01022015 (2 of 12)

As what Yoda would say, “dark it was and lower the shutter speed, I must “.  So pardon some of the motion blurred images that follows.

Papa flew off to another tree closer to the bus station.

01022015 (3 of 12)

After looking around for a little bit, Papa took off…

01022015 (4 of 12)

Or rather took a nose dive straight down into the bushes…  Papa disappeared briefly and I heard a loud shreik…

01022015 (5 of 12)

then he popped up like a VSTOL aircraft.

01022015 (6 of 12)01022015 (7 of 12)

He carried something in his right talon that looked like a squirrel.

01022015 (9 of 12)01022015 (10 of 12)

He flew up to another tree.  A closer look revealed the catch was a cousin of the squirrel; a rat.

01022015 (11 of 12)01022015 (12 of 12)


Good to see you back, Papa.  Hopefully in the next few weeks, I hope to see you and Mama both rebuilding that nest!

That whole hunting sequence took less than 30 seconds and was so exhilirating to witness.

Happy 2015!




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