Growing into an adult

Jan 16, 2016

Finally, a sunny day!  But, it was early in the moring with the sun just barely above the horizon.  I took a quick stroll on the Capitol hoping to find Mama or Papa busy on the nest, but, no luck.  Instead, who did I find?  The Visitor!

RT0116 (1 of 7) RT0116 (7 of 7) RT0116 (5 of 7)

The Visitor had eyes on a few squirrels on another tree and the squirrels had their own lookout.


RT0116 (4 of 7) RT0116 (3 of 7)


RT0116 (6 of 7)

there wasn’t much action and I had to run to work, but here’s what I’ve noticed about the Visitor.

Checkout its tail feathers; they’re starting to loose the stripes and the russett-red color starting to take its place.  Our boy is growing up into an adult.

RT0116 (2 of 7)


here’s a close-up.

RT0116 (1 of 1)


At this stage, if this was one of the past juveniles, this could be our boy – Blynken who Mama chased off back in 2013.

A few more weeks and hopefully we’ll see some nesting activity.  If there’s none by February, then we could conclude that Mama and Papa have moved house and that would be very sad.






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