Visitors 5, Home 0

January 21, 2015

It’s been over 10 days since I’ve last seen the resident Red-tails.  But the visitor has made downtown his home.  I’ve seen him around the Capitol, hunting.

Today was no different.  I was hoping to see some work on the nest or some sign, but nothing.

Instead, the Visitor shows up with lunch at hand.

RT0121 (3 of 12) RT0121 (1 of 12)

Definitely, not the parents

RT0121 (2 of 12) RT0121 (6 of 12)

As the Visitor continued to eat,  a squirrel casually strolled below the Raptor, totally oblivious of the danger lurking above.  The squirrel groomed itself…

RT0121 (7 of 12)

before getting the feeling of “I’m being watched”

RT0121 (9 of 12)

Yes. The Visitor was eyeing it for dinner

RT0121 (10 of 12)

Well, time to get back to safety.

RT0121 (11 of 12) RT0121 (12 of 12)

Around this time last year,  there were some signs that Mama and Papa would be returning to the same nest, but not this year, at least none so far.

No new lumber on the nest.

RT0121 (5 of 12)

Has Mama and Papa given up downtown Raleigh?  If they’re not back by mid February, then they’ve abandoned this nest.  I am still hoping they will be back this year.



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