Don’t Give Up On Us… yet

Jan 26

The weather has been crappy, but it brightened up a bit around noon, then dark clouds filled the skies again.


RT0126 (11 of 11)


I took a quick stroll to the Capitol and saw a sight for sore eyes.  Yes! A Red-tail, but who?  The Visitor seldom if ever has perched on the tall buildings. So who was this fella?

RT0126 (1 of 11)


I walked to the other side to get a shot of the tail and, yes it looks Red.

RT0126 (2 of 11)I decided to check the Capitol if the Visitor was around.  Yikes!  There’s a Red-tail on one of the oak trees next to the Capitol.  Visitor?

He looked too calm and composed, like he’s been there for years, and he should!  It’s was Papa!
RT0126 (3 of 11)

Here’s a shot of both Papa (oak tree) and Mama (on the Wachovia…oops sorry Wells).  This has been the closest I’ve seen any one of the residents to the nest this year.

RT0126 (5 of 11)

Yep, it’s me! Papa.

RT0126 (6 of 11) RT0126 (7 of 11) RT0126 (9 of 11)

However, looking at the nest… Nada! no work has been done.  Maybe just late.  I hope

RT0126 (8 of 11) RT0126 (4 of 11)


Papa took off and flew to goldie, but before I could take any shots, he took off again and landed on the post office building.
RT0126 (10 of 11)


Does that mean they’re back? Well, it means they’re still here but until they start working on the nest, I wouldn’t make that conclusion.

Stay tuned!




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