Hello Raleigh, We’re Back

After a few brief sightings of the residents in the past few days, finally …

January 29, 2015

The sun was barely above the horizon on a chilly January day, but one Red-tail was sitting on a fence rail…

RT0129 (1 of 12)

One?  There were actually two!


RT0129 (5 of 12)

Both are getting some grey hair… err feathers 🙂

RT0129 (4 of 12)

Yes, Mama! It’s the hawkarattzzi!

RT0129 (3 of 12)

I wasn’t sure what they were looking at down below.  I certainly did not see anything interesting like prey, but they have better vision than me.

RT0129 (2 of 12)

They didn’t hunt but took off, one at a time and started getting ready for this year!

RT0129 (7 of 12) RT0129 (10 of 12) RT0129 (11 of 12)

They flew in the direction of the ol’ nest, but I haven’t seen any renovations yet.

RT0129 (12 of 12)


Question is,  will they use the same nest?

We’ll see.




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