On the rooftops, but not in the nest

Feb 4, 2015

The resident Red-tails are definitely more visible the past week.  They’re in the air

Feb04 (7 of 9)


and landing high on the rooftops…

Feb04 (9 of 9)


SECUFeb04 (5 of 9)


Wells FargoFeb04 (6 of 9)

PNC Spire
Feb04 (8 of 9)but, the nest? nothing.

here’s how the front and back looks like as of today:


Feb04 (2 of 9)


Feb04 (3 of 9)It looks like there’s some new lumber on the back side of the nest, but…

this was how it looked like in dec 17, 2014.  It’s a different angle but it seems the ‘new’ lumber was already there.

Feb04 (1 of 1)


I’m unsure if they will use the same nest, what’s sure is this Coopers Hawk that’s been making downtown its home.

Feb04 (1 of 9)



Feb04 (4 of 9)


will keep checking the nest and we should know in the next 2 weeks if the nest will need a sign that says  “Vacancy” 🙂






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