Challenging the residents

Feb 6, 2015

Brrr…. cold 15 degree morning.  Nothing on the Capitol, but around lunch time…

I wasn’t sure who this was, but I had a hunch.  Just when I thought the Visitor had left the area, here he was again.

Feb06 (1 of 21)


Something on the ground caught his attention…Feb06 (3 of 21)


Feb06 (4 of 21)He felt comfy… preening… Check those tail feathers. Definitely not one of the adult RT’s
Feb06 (7 of 21) Feb06 (6 of 21)

Pffftt… hair ball….

Feb06 (5 of 21)

The visitor took off and circled the Capitol a few times

Feb06 (8 of 21)


Feb06 (13 of 21)
Feb06 (10 of 21) Feb06 (11 of 21)

It was hard to track this RT as he was directly overhead.

Feb06 (12 of 21)Something else caught his attention… something in the distance…

Feb06 (14 of 21)


Although I couldn’t confirm that the RT on top of the PNC spire was one of the residents, it most likely was one of them.

The Visitor circled a few times on the other hawk… more like challenging it.

Feb06 (15 of 21) Feb06 (16 of 21) Feb06 (17 of 21)

Finally, the other hawk took off.  I wasn’t able to track them… but…

Feb06 (18 of 21)

One of them flew back to the Capitol.  It was the Visitor.

Feb06 (19 of 21) Feb06 (20 of 21) Feb06 (21 of 21)


As what Han Solo would say ” I have a bad feeling about this”.

I hope Mama and Papa have not given up on the Capitol.  The nest was again, unrenovated.




I was curious and wanted to find out if the RT on the spire was in fact, an adult.  Thanks to photoshop, I got my answer.

Here’s the image with the luminance, saturation and exposure adjusted.

Feb06rt (1 of 1)


yes, it’s an adult RT being circled by a juvi!


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