Hide and Seek

Feb 11 2015

just before the day ended and I was about to go home empty; ie no images of the Red-tails, I took a quick look at the spire…

Lo and behold. A Red-tail.  As I took some photos (thru dirty glass and pointing way, way up), I noticed a small bump on the left side base of the spire.

Wow!  Both Red-tails were there. Papa on the spire and Mama at the base.

feb11 (4 of 6) feb11 (6 of 6)The presence of 2 raptors gave the pigeons jitters as they flew around. Note that these pigeons were at a much lower altitude.

feb11 (2 of 6)feb11 (3 of 6)As I drove home, I passed by the Capitol and thought I saw 2 Red-tails on the large oak tree on the east side of the Capitol.  I quickly parked but as I got there, they were gone.  Was I seeing things?  I guess I wasn’t because a whole flock of Robins flew up to the oak tree.  I guess they had to wait for the RT’s to depart.

All right you two.  You’ve made your point.  You Fly and Hide and the hawkarattzzi Walk and Seek.

You’re still here in downtown, but where is your new nest?

This will be a new adventure.




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