Nest For Rent

Feb 11

freezing morning with the sun was just barely above the horizon. Guess who’s out early to hunt?

The Visitor!

rt0211 (1 of 6)

The Visitor eyed on something and took off.  It had a ‘lock’ on its target.

rt0211 (3 of 6)

It was a squirrel by the railings on the south east corner of the Capitol.  He missed but he was too fast for me to capture on image.

rt0211 (4 of 6) rt0211 (5 of 6)

But came back to the trees to scout for more.

rt0211 (6 of 6)


As much as I hate to say it, I think the resident Red-tails will NOT be using the same nest this year. 😦 Bummer 😦



It’ll be another adventure to find their new nest, if it’s anywhere close by.

In the mean time, we’ll watch the Visitor grow into an adult and hopefully take up a mate and use the ol’ nest.

rt0211 (2 of 6)




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