Feb 12

I still stop by the nest everyday hoping that these RT’s are just late this year, but so far, nothing.  Oh, well.

It was a cold noon-time walk but at least the lighting was excellent.  I looked up at the Wells and saw a Red-tail.  Looking a little lower, was another Red-tail! Yes, it’s Papa and Mama.

RT0212 (1 of 12)


Papa RTRT0212 (2 of 12)


Mama RTRT0212 (3 of 12)

They’re here in downtown, but I can’t seem to locate their new nest.  What a tease.

Papa took off from the camera

RT0212 (4 of 12)

only to return a few minutes later.

RT0212 (6 of 12)

Then he took off again and circled the PNC spire.

RT0212 (7 of 12) RT0212 (8 of 12) RT0212 (9 of 12)

and landed on the BB&T building.

RT0212 (10 of 12) RT0212 (11 of 12)

While Mama had to deal with sevreral TV (turkey vultures) that were circling the Wells.  They pose no threat.

RT0212 (12 of 12)

PNC, BB&T, Wells Fargo… Hmmm… all the tallest buildings in downtown.

So the search goes on for the new nest.  Where’s Google earth when you need them?




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