Sky Blue with a Splash of Red

March 6, 2015

On my way home, I saw this fella on a familiar camera post.  It was Papa, but, nope. He wasn’t going back to the ol’ nest.mar12 (2 of 19) mar12 (1 of 19)Off Papa flew… I know not where.mar12 (3 of 19)March 12, 2015

I haven’t seen Mama or Papa in a while and of course!  At this time of the year,  Mama would be incubating their eggs and they would be doing the ‘changing of the guard’  on a regular basis.  That’s why there’s no sign of them on the familiar peaks (PNC, Wells, BB&T).

The weather has been warmer but pretty wet lately but today was just perfect… for flying around…  and being attacked by the usual suspects.

mar12 (4 of 19)

mar12 (5 of 19) mar12 (6 of 19) mar12 (7 of 19) mar12 (8 of 19) mar12 (9 of 19) mar12 (10 of 19) mar12 (11 of 19) mar12 (12 of 19) mar12 (13 of 19) mar12 (14 of 19)Papa normally dodges these pesky Corvids and he does here.

mar12 (15 of 19)But after circling once above downtown,  Papa spotted a more challenging opponent.  Papa did a quick dive towards this intruder (sorry, too far away for photos)

mar12 (17 of 19) mar12 (18 of 19) but Resistance Is Futile… the juvenile took off and headed east.

Looked like this juvenile has some wing damage, but that didn’t come from this encounter with Papa.

One thing’s for sure:  Papa and Mama are still in downtown Raleigh.  They’re still defending their territory.

I have no idea where their nest is.

When their eggs hatch, they’ll be hunting like crazy and with more trips between the market and the nest, they will be easier to spot.

Hopefully, I’ll stumble upon their nest just like I did back in April, 2011.




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