Squirrel Hunt

March 13

I walked around the Capitol and one of the workers there told me that he’s seen a hawk earlier in the day. It was also here a few days ago eating lunch and unmindful of all the people taking pictures.  Hmmm… I thought that would be the Inquisitor, but who knows.  So I circled around and saw…

The Inquisitor usually uses this perch, but this fella looked different…

mar13 (1 of 11)

Ah.  A Red-tail!  It’s Papa!

mar13 (2 of 11)

Papa took off and so did I!

mar13 (3 of 11)

Papa landed on a tree and started digging… in a squirrel’s den.

mar13 (4 of 11)

But, little did Papa know, his would-be prey was a bit smarter than him… at least for today 🙂

mar13 (5 of 11)mar13 (6 of 11)

Papa flew off into another tree and continued his hunt.

mar13 (7 of 11)

This time he was determined to get what’s in the nest and tried to rip the nest open.

mar13 (8 of 11)mar13 (9 of 11)mar13 (10 of 11)

Here’s a short video of Papa at work:


But it was empty so away he went.

mar13 (11 of 11)




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