Today was a Good Day to Fly!

March 24

At noon, I saw a solitary Red-tail flying northbound.

Mar24 (2 of 9)It took a short pit-stop at the PNC spire then flew off further north.  I’m not 100% sure, but I think this was Mama.

Mar24 (3 of 9)On my way home, I was greeted by one Red-tail flying over downtown…

Mar24 (4 of 9)No. Make that 2 Red-tails.  The pair was enjoying the nice weather.  But what about their eggs in the nest?

Mar24 (5 of 9)From my past-years’ observations, they do this from time to time, specially when the weather starts to warm up.

It’s not easy sitting and incubating eggs for several hours at a time!  They need to stretch those wings too.

Mama (top), Papa (bottom)

Mar24 (6 of 9)I can tell Mama just came from the nest.  Look at her belly feathers. They’re all turned outside indicating incubation duties.

Mar24 (1 of 1) The pair took off towards the BB&T and I lost them behind the building.  But what about the eggs? Who’s guarding them?

Mar24 (8 of 9)No worries.  One of them (most probably Mama) took a steep dive to return to duty.

Mar24 (9 of 9)

Why should the Red-tails have all the fun? I’m red too! 🙂

Mar24 (1 of 9)Ciao



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