All Points of the Compass

Mar 26

A Red-tail stopped by the PNC spire before lunch time.  I’m not 100% sure, but I think this was Mama.

mar26 (1 of 15)

Show Off – standing on one talon 🙂

mar26 (2 of 15)

They don’t stay long anymore on the spire.  Mama took off and headed for the Wells Fargo.

mar26 (3 of 15)

There she caught a air thermal and she hovered for about a minute.  Quite cool to see her stay motionless in mid-air.  Then it was time to head back to ???

mar26 (4 of 15)

Where to? I have no idea.  This is a familiar “S”uper Mama pose.  Not a very clear shot, but this was from quite a distance.

mar26 (5 of 15)At lunch time,  I found Mama sitting by her lone self on a building top.

mar26 (6 of 15)

She took off and graciously circled a few times for some photo ops

mar26 (8 of 15) mar26 (9 of 15)

Then she flew west. I was going to follow, but

mar26 (10 of 15)

she encountered a really BIG and mean bird (not sure if that’s a crow or another raptor) that chased Mama back…

mar26 (11 of 15) mar26 (12 of 15) mar26 (13 of 15) mar26 (14 of 15)

to the comfort of downtown Raleigh.

mar26 (15 of 15) mar26 (1 of 1)


They’ve flown North, South, East and West.  Looks like they’re trying to give the hawkarattzzi the run-around 🙂





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