Still in Town

April 17

It’s been a while since my last post and I haven’t had much time to check out our RT friends.  But I’ve seen Papa and Mama RT flying around downtown.

Apr17 (1 of 3)

Where they’ve taken residence is sure bugging this Kestrel.

Apr17 (4 of 6) Apr17 (2 of 6)
Apr17 (5 of 6)

But theysure are nesting… somewhere.

Apr17 (2 of 3)

I think they deserve their privacy and I’m going to leave it at that.

Apr17 (3 of 3)So this will be my last post for a long while.

Hope you’ve enjoyed following Raleigh’s RT’s for the last 4 years!

It’s been a blast!





10 thoughts on “Still in Town

  1. I’m so sad to hear you are ‘ending an era’. I have enjoyed the kinship of your adventures, being able to see the parallels with mine in the Rocky Mountains! I know what commitment it takes to not only keep up with monitoring and photographing these birds but the fact that you kept up with an ongoing blog was huge (and an amazing gift. I am hoping you are too busy with wonderful, joyful and prosperous activities! Your hawks will miss you and the attention you have been giving them over the years, and we will miss having a window into their world through your lens. Much appreciation and Highest Regards! Sincerely, Maureen

    • maureen, thanks for your wonderful comments. it has indeed been a blast keeping up with these hawks, but i took it as a sign that they wanted to be left alone (at least the human side of me thinks so) when they stopped using the old nest. it’s been a great adventure and i’m sure i’ll still see them around. i’m keeping my blog door a tad open 🙂

      • My hawks moved across the valley out of my camera range one year and then moved back the next year. They are back across the valley again. Each time it has proven to be a synchronistic clearing of my calendar because I had other things that required my time. This year was particularly fascinating as they worked on the nest across the valley all last fall, yet this Spring they were adding to both nests. Watching their body language, I realized they were defending the nest below me from Canadian Geese taking up residence! Gratefully I am still getting flyby visits from the adults and “babies” from past years. I am thrilled to hear you are leaving your blog door open!

  2. Thanks for the posts over the years. As someone who works in downtown Raleigh, I see them flying around but I’ve never had (taken?) the time to become familiar enough to differentiate them. Perhaps we’ll run into each other one day while looking skyward 🙂

  3. I have so enjoyed your great photos, but particularly your comments. We are all really bummed that we will not be hearing from you. I know it is not your “job” to brighten our lives, but you sure have done just that.

    Thank you for all your time and efforts!

    Nancy Fellow follower as a member of First Baptist Church

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